A step closer to a greener future

A step closer to a greener future

Effective Micro Hydro System

Cross Flow Turbine

Applicable to small rivers, springs, irrigation channels!

Effective Micro Hydro System


■Simple : Easy installation
■Cost Effective : Compact
■Soundproof Container : Noise Reduction
■The Full package : Quality Assurance
■Stable : Generation

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Case study


Installation results in various parts of Japan, mainly in Kyushu

1.Monitor the whole systems from a distance
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Included in the report of the UNIDO



Newspaper article

The delivery article of the micro hydroelectric power generation system that we are developing was introduced.


Achievement archive

Fukuoka Prefecture
Shiraito no taki Step 2 power station
Effective head: 30m
Maximum flow rate: 0.06㎥/s
Generator Output: 15kW
Annual Power Production: 101MWh/year
Annual CO2 emission reduction 56 tCO2

Fukuoka Prefecture
Micro hydro power station Shiraito no taki Step 3
Effective head: 25m
Maximum flow rate: 0.1㎥/s
Generator Output: 15kW
Annual Power Production: 65MWh/year
Annual CO2 emission reduction:  36 tCO2

Saga Prefecture
Ide nobisha mondo Power station
Effective head: 6m
Maximum flow rate: 0.095㎥/s
Generator Output: 4kW
Annual Power Production: 33MWh/year
Annual CO2 emission reduction 18 tCO2

Saga prefecture
Micro hydro power station Matsuguma
Effective head: 20.4m
Maximum flow rate: 0.22㎥/s
Generator Output: 30kW
Annual Power Production: 226MWh/year
Annual CO2 emission reduction 125 tCO2

Kagoshima Prefecture
Oitake Power station
Effective head: 63m
Maximum flow rate: 0.07㎥/s
Generator Output: 30kW
Annual Power Production: 181MWh/year
Annual CO2 emission reduction 100 tCO2

Kagoshima prefecture
Taguchi Power station
Effective head: 23m
Maximum flow rate: 0.25㎥/s
Generator Output: 40kW
Annual Power Production: 270MWh/year
Annual CO2 emission reduction: 150 tCO2

Miyazaki Prefecture
ohhitosubaru Micro hydro power plant
Effective head: 82m
Maximum flow rate: 0.11㎥/s
Generator Output: 49.9kW
Annual Power Production: 335MWh/year
Annual CO2 emission reduction 186 tCO2